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Search Engine Optimization

seo orangeEvery business wants to show up when a consumer needs their service or product.  20 years ago, consumers turned to the Yellow Pages.  Things have changed quite a bit, Search Engines are now king, specifically Google.  The idea of placing consumers in front of relevant businesses hasn’t changed but the method and data behind it has evolved.


So how does Google decide who ranks?  In the past it was simply based on the name of your business or how much you paid for an ad.  Google took it a step further and incorporated User Experience.  So rather than getting a random business, consumers can now research and find the best business for their needs.  Sounds great right?  For consumers, yes.  For Businesses, not so much.


Google doesn’t share how they choose ranking.  That is where Search Engine Optimization comes into play.  SEO is utilizing tactics and making changes to make your website stand out in Google’s eyes. We approach SEO as an endless puzzle that is ever-changing. There is not an exact approach and our SEO will look different for each client.

Our Approach

SEO is a 3-part equation all working together to provide the best user experience and ultimately get you to the top of Google. These 3 parts consist of Technical Fixes, Content Creation, and Linking. Google has made it very clear that their main objective is providing the User the best experience possible. They want Users to be able to navigate through the site easily and find relevant and useful information. The best way to make the User experience easy and helpful is to ensure all technical aspects and content are up to date.

Linking is often thought of as building roads that lead from other websites to your own. Getting relevant backlinks to your site will show Google that you have useful information and are an engaged business.

Each month our local team sits down and determine which areas to target and which tactics to implement. Based on your needs we will pick 3-4 tasks to complete each month. We meet several times throughout the month and at the end of each month we pull ranking reports and insights to determine the successful areas.  A report will be provided each month to show results and discuss tactics and keywords for the next month.