Seo Stategies


Optimizing page content is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. On-page optimization does not necessarily mean a complete rewrite of the copy. On the contrary, content that clearly describes the product or service being offered should be created, and then that content optimized. This typically requires only minor modifications to ensure that the keywords and key phrases are used correctly, positioned correctly, and able to be referenced by the search engines. Overloading a page with the keyword, or placing the keyword in ‘hidden’ content is discouraged. A well optimized page should be pleasing to both your customers and to the search engines. Search Engine Experts can help you find that strategic balance between good copywriting and optimizing for search engines.
Search engines not only look at the copy on a website, but also at the underlying HTML code. Creating HTML code that is appealing to the search engines will help a website get ranked higher. Search Engine Experts understands what elements the search engines deem important, and can ensure that the code provides those elements. It is not enough to add the keywords to the meta tags, additional optimization must be done to obtain the highest ranking possible.
External optimization refers to the obtaining of quality external links pointing to a website. The higher the value of those links, the higher perceived value of the website. The acquisition of external links is not a one-time effort. New links need to be obtained frequently so that the website is not perceived as becoming stale. Search Engine Experts obtains external links to our client’s websites. These links are high quality, and assist greatly in delivering high website rankings for our clients. The frequent addition of more external links helps keep our client’s sites ranked high over a long period of time.