Search engine optimization is a measurable activity. SEO companies can determine where a website is ranked for a specific keyword or key phrase, and then track the change in that ranking over time. Any optimization efforts should have a positive impact on the rankings received for those keywords and phrases being optimized.


Search Engine Experts prides itself on having some of the most comprehensive reporting in the industry. We provide our clients with monthly ranking reports detailing their keywords and phrases, and the historical and current ranking levels. This monthly reporting provides documentation showing the value of Search Engine Experts optimization efforts. The historical portion of these reports track the improvement in the website rankings and show the growth over time.


Additionally, Search Engine Experts examines these reports every month to monitor our client’s rankings. We continue to provide SEO services to our clients in order to sustain and improve their rankings going forward. Search engine optimization is not a one-time effort, and Search Engine Experts remains involved with our clients and their websites in order to provide the best rankings possible today and in the future.