Pay Per Click Campaigns

Do you want:

  • Immediate search engine exposure?

  • Traceable advertising?

  • Increased revenue?

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can immediately solve these issues.

Historically, the waters of direct, reliable data to measure the worth of advertising campaigns have been murky. Similarly, SEO efforts are indeed critical to the long-term performance of a website’s search rankings, but can take several months to take full effect. If you need a method of advertising that produces immediate, traceable results, pay-per-click campaigns may be right for you.

Here is the gist of a PPC campaign:

  • Pay-per-click campaigns create the advertisements seen at the top and right side of search results.
  • Sponsored links are a quick way to obtain exposure on search engines.
  • It costs nothing to have your ad listed in the sponsored links – a payment is made only when someone clicks on your link — thus the term pay-per-click.

Recently, search engines have gotten more sophisticated with regard to pay-per-click campaigns. The amount bid used to be the most significant factor when determining how the ads were ordered. The ad that was willing to pay more was listed higher than one that was not. Now search engines take into account many other factors. Only by understanding these factors and correctly applying them to the ads will the ads obtain the desired exposure.

As the leaders in pay-per-click in the Cincinnati and Dayton area, Search Engine Experts creates well researched, well managed and carefully tracked pay-per-click campaigns to provide the high sponsored rankings that get your company noticed. Because we understand how search engines work, we can craft a PPC campaign that can produce immediate results, while allowing you tight control over your advertising budget.

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