Google Shopping Campaign

A perfect blend of Pay Per Click and Display, the Google Shopping Campaign allows you to gain top rank directly on Google while also showcasing your product in a visual and compelling way.  These ads are product oriented and allow for simple and quick results.



unnamedShopping Campaigns are 100% product reliant as there is no additional copy or creative points.  If you have a good product, a shopping campaign is right for you.  Using your API feed the ad will pull your product directly in so that it matches your website.

Why a Google Shopping Campaign?

These ads are visual and give the user a better sense of what your product is before they click on the ad meaning they tend to be better leads.


  • Immediate.  Unlike SEO, shopping campaigns can get you at the top of Google as soon as you place your credit card on file. No waiting, see results right away!
  • Highly Trackable.  You can see how your product performs and know exactly where your money is being spent.  This will also allow for you to look into the competitor landscape to figure out just how well you are spending your advertising budget.
  • Affordable.  Unlike other advertising mediums, with Google Shopping Campaigns, you only pay for clicks on your product.  That means you aren’t wasting budget hoping you hit the right person.  You are only charged when a user engages with your ad.

The Process