Display Campaign

Whether you are looking for a branding opportunity or clicks to your website, display advertising is an effective method for keeping in front of an engaged audience and opportunity to sell yourself.  This highly measurable tactic allows you to be more targeted than traditional media.  And with help from the largest display network on the planet, the targeting capabilities are almost endless.



GoogleNetworkIf you’ve browsed the web then there is a high likelihood that you’ve encountered a Display Advertisement before.  Scattered throughout the webpage, these ads are displayed within the content of the website you chose to visit.

Why Display Advertising?

Stay in front of your target audience while they are browsing the web and use a strong call to action to generate clicks directly to your website.


  • Highly Targeted.  Through the use of data providers we are able to place the ads through various targeting parameters including contextual or based on audience.
  • Trackable.  With display advertising everything is linked to your website so clicks are easily  tracked.  All of our display ads utilize UTM codes which allow for easy tracking in Google Analytics and allow for adjustments based on what is working or not working.
  • Affordable.   Unlike traditional media, there is no minimum for display advertising.  Everything is charged on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis.  Meaning you can maximize a budget and get thousands of impressions.


CPM (cost per thousand) is the most common pricing used in the digital industry.  It is what dictates how many impressions you get for your budget.  Utilizing the Google Display Network allows you to keep your CPM lower since you are buying direct from the source and using the targeting parameters.  In addition to the CPM method we also offer CPC (cost per click)  where you are charged by clicks rather than CPM.  These ranges will vary and estimates are available upone request.


If you have browsed the web you have most likely been remarketed before whether you know it or not.  Remarketing is the act of following a user after they visit your website.  Our team will create a code that you can install on your website that allows us to serve ads to the user after they leave your website.  Frequency can be set to your desire.  This method is great for keeping in front of your potential customer.  The more touch points and the more clicks back to the website means the more likely they are to convert.

The Process

Initial Discussion

We will have a discussion to learn your goals of the campaign and figure out who your target audience is.  Once these details have been addressed we will put together a marketing plan with estimated impressions and the targeting parameters we have in place.

Setup & Launch

Once the targeting parameters have been agreed upon we will build out a remarketing pixel and help install it on your website.  We will discuss creative and the landing page.  Our design team is available for hire or we can provide best practices and design thoughts.  When the creative is approved, we will go ahead and send the campaign live.

Adjustments & Monitoring

We monitor all our campaigns and make adjustments to get us the highest click thru rate at the lowest price possible.  We are constantly on the back-end looking for ways to optimize the performance and removing websites that don’t fit your campaign goals.


Part of our service includes monthly reporting.  This isn’t your basic high level overview.  We provide all the stats you need to make an informed decision on you advertising efforts.  If you want to see a specific stat, we will provide it to you.