When can I expect results from my SEO efforts?

The optimization of a website typically shows results within two to three months of completion of the SEO effort.  On-going maintenance of the optimization effort should continue the improvement of a website’s ranking.  Even after the achievement of high search results rankings, a website optimization must be maintained in order to keep the positioning achieved.

How do I know what keywords or key phrases on which to optimize?

Any SEO project should start with in-depth research of potential keywords and key phrases.  This research determines the best keywords and phrases on which to optimize, uncovering those words and phrases being used by people looking for your website’s products and services.

Is SEO a one-time effort?

To be successful, search engine optimization is more than a one-time effort.  An initial optimization project can provide good results to a website, but keeping a high ranking necessitates continual understanding of the changes in the search engine parameters, and the inclusion of those items into a website.

What does ‘pay for performance’ mean?

Pay for performance is a method of maintenance pricing where the amount being charged is based directly on the results received.  Search Engine Experts pioneered pay for performance, linking the SEO results we achieve for our clients to our maintenance charge.

How is it possible to influence the search engine results?

Each search engine has parameters that they use to determine the relevancy of a website to the search term entered.  By understanding these parameters, it is possible to utilize them in the creation or modification of a website so that a site is viewed more positively by the search engines.