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When Search Engine Experts enhances your website using proven search engine marketing techniques,three things will happen.
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  • Your site will get better search engine rankings,

  • More customers will find your site, and

  • Your sales will increase.

Utilizing our experience and expertise in search engine marketing, your website will become more than just an expense item – it will drive revenue for your company.

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Search Engine Experts are the only certified search engine marketing strategists in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. Our methods are approved by the Search Engine Academy, and have been shown to work on hundreds of websites. Search engine marketing also is the only thing we focus on — and we do it well.
Don’t trust your website to just anyone claiming to know SEM. Use the experts and get your site ranked high. Let us begin improving your site today!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

 Search engine marketing utilizes a combination of search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns and video search engine optimization to improve your company’s website ranking with the major search engines. A higher ranking translates into more customers finding your website which, in turn, will generate more sales and more revenue.

If you have ever felt frustrated that your website is ranked below your competitors in the search engines, or have felt overwhelmed by how to maintain your SEM efforts, Search Engine Experts can help.

We will work with you to establish baseline measures for your site, not only examining current traffic patterns and setting traffic goals, but also by helping you determine what conversion means for you. Do you sell items on your site? If so, a direct sale is your measure of conversion. Are you focused more in the service industry and a phone call would be an appropriate measure of a Web conversion for you? Knowing the answers to these questions, as well as understanding your goals, will allow us to customize a SEM package for you.

Finally, achieving high rankings in the search engines is fabulous, but it takes persistence and expertise to make sure you retain those rankings. The knowledge required to perform successful search engine marketing is a complicated and time consuming effort. The search engines change their proprietary algorithms frequently — this requires dedication to SEM in order to stay current with the changes in the industry. Search Engine Experts is committed to understanding the world of search engines, which means you don’t have to. We provide continual coaching and maintenance so you can stay focused on your business.



Search Engine Experts prides itself on being an ethical company. We will do what is right for our customers, and be honest and forthright in everything we do. We believe that frequent and honest communication is essential to having a strong relationship with our clients. We do not view our responsibility as a one-off deliverable for our clients, but an ongoing relationship that will provide value for both parties.

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